I am new, how do I start?

How do I start advertising?
In this video we explain how to start advertising on bol.com within minutes. By advertising on bol.com you can set your items in the spotlight for the right customer at the right time, allowing you to immediately increase your turnover.

  • How do I log in?

    You log in via your bol.com account by clicking on the ‘Advertise’ tab.
    If you receive a message that something is wrong with your account, you probably do not meet our conditions. Some important conditions are:

    2. Your account has a time out.
    3. The items in your account do not meet our conditions.
    4. The items in your account are blacklisted.
    5. You sell second hand items. 

    Still can’t figure it out? Please contact Zakelijk Verkopen.

  • Can multiple users be added to the account?

    It is not possible to add multiple email addresses or users to an account.

  • How do I increase my account limit?

    In the tab ‘Advertise’ you can set and increase your spending limit. You can specify the maximum amount you wish to spend on Sponsored Products. If this amount is €0, your ads will no longer be displayed. You therefore no longer incur any costs. Note: Your spending limit reflects the amount you run campaigns with. It is ‘fictional’ money, because you only pay when a customer clicks on your ad (the price per click). You will receive the invoice of the costs incurred afterwards.

  • What budget should I start with?

    You should determine your maximum budget yourself. Pay special attention to the number of items you want to activate in your campaign and what you are willing to spend for a product per click. You can always increase your budget later on.

  • How do I create my (first) campaign?

    When you log in for the first time, there is a tutorial to help you create your first campaign. Did you miss it? Activate it again by clicking on the tutorial icon in the top right corner of your account.