New Advertising through the environment, what has changed?

what has changed about our system and what does this mean for you?

  • How long can I still log into my Criteo account?

    After you have gained access to the new ‘Advertising through’ environment, you can still log into your Criteo account for a few months and download reports. However, you can no longer set up and manage campaigns.

  • Why a new system?

    The new system is more in line with the wishes of our advertisers. This makes the new system more user-friendly and equipped with more options. For example, you can now increase the budget yourself if necessary.

  • How can I advertise in the new environment?

    1. Go to ‘Advertise’ in your sales account.
    2. Set a purchase limit for Sponsored Products.
    3. Log in via the campaign manager using the ‘manage Sponsored Products’ button.
    4. Create a new campaign and select the items you want to advertise.
    5. Determine your bids and set a maximum campaign budget (this can be done manually or automatically).
    6. Set keywords, or choose automatic keywords.

    7. Your advertisements will be visible on after approx. 15 minutes.
    8. You only pay if a customer actually clicks on your ad.

  • Why can't the data be transferred?

    It is not possible to transfer data from the old system to the new system. This is because they are two different systems. The design of the new system is slightly different. As a result, campaigns cannot be transferred 100% exactly. Moreover, the new system is a self-service solution where you choose your own campaign structure. This works more effectively than when this is determined for you.

  • What has changed in the features of Sponsored Products?

    In addition to an improved interface, there are additional functionalities in the new ‘Advertising through’ environment. For more information about what exactly has changed, please go here Criteo vs SP2.0

  • Does anything change with regard to the appearance of Sponsored Products?

    Sponsored Products are shown in the list page and on the ‘Product Detail Page (PDP)’.

  • Why are my ads from Criteo no longer visible on

    After you’ve switched from the old to the new environment, your budget in Criteo is set to 0 euros. As a result, it is no longer possible to set up campaigns in Criteo. Your campaigns will no longer be displayed.