What is Sponsored Products?

The new version of Advertising through bol.com – or Sponsored Products – is easily available. It helps you make your items even more findable and visible on bol.com. You can use your dashboard to determine which items you want to advertise and you can advertise through a bidding system. You then pay per click – and most importantly: only when your customers actually click on your ad. The act of displaying your ads is therefore completely free!

Below you can read about the possibilities and find the information you need to register.

  • How does Sponsored Products benefit me?

    • Real time insight into performance and data in your dashboard.
    • Improve and/or maintain your organic ranking on the list page.
    • Visibility in the most relevant places on bol.com.
    • Target on (negative) keywords.
    • Determine the cost per click in your dashboard.
    • Only pay when a customer clicks your ad.
  • What does the system look like?

  • Where are the advertisements located?

    You will find your advertisements in two different places on the website:
    – list page: your ads become visible when customers search for certain keywords (search) and when they click through the website (browsed).
    – product detail page.

    Your ads are visible on mobile, desktop and in the bol.com app. In the app, Sponsored Products are visible on the list pages; your ads become visible when customers search for certain keywords (search) and when they click through the website (browsed).


  • What type of assortment is suitable?

    You can advertise almost all items on bol.com.

    The most important condition for the advertisements to be visible on the website is that the item in question is in the purchase block. Is your item not in the purchase block? Then your ad will not be displayed.

    However, there are limited opportunities to advertise in the health and animal health category. You can find these items in the blacklist.

  • What do I need to do for Sponsored Products?

    Advertising with Sponsored Products takes time. It entails the following:
    – You set up campaigns and select an assortment.
    – You set bids.
    – You optimise your campaigns at least once a week (adjusting bids, adjusting keywords, etc.).

  • How can I apply for Sponsored Products?

    You can register via this link.