Best sales position, availability and product information

When creating a campaign you need to select items. Which items are suitable and what if you cannot find an item? In this article we teach you the best tips and tricks!

There are a number of factors that influence the delivery of your advertisements. It is important to pay close attention to this when selecting items.

  •     Breadcrumb trail
    Check whether the trail of your product is correct, because this concerns the categories in which your advertisements are visible.
  •        Product specifications
    All product specifications must be entered correctly. For example, is there a brand, publisher or genre missing here? Then you cannot advertise the product.
  •        Price stars
    The more price stars you have, the better the organic ranking. This automatically means that your ads are shown more often.
  • Best offer
    Does your item not have the best sales position? Then you do not have a purchase block and you cannot advertise it. More information can be found here.
  • Product photos and product description
    Good product information influences your organic ranking. The higher your organic ranking, the better your ad will deliver.
  • Partner score
    The higher your partner score, the more chances you have of the best sales position.